Armour 5 Security Pty Ltd


Armour 5 Security is a professional security company operating in Victoria Australia.

We deliver the highest level of service to our customers.

Armour 5 Protection was established to “raise the bar” in a comprehensive range of security services by focusing on customer focused needs across a range of sectors including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, community service, private functions and educational institutions. 

As an armed security specialist with extensive static site, CIT and crowd control experience, Armour 5 emulates the values of Teamwork, Integrity, Accountability and Performance in it's company policies.



Our Services



Armed & Unarmed Guards

Armed Escorts

ATM First Line maintenance

Business Banking/Cash in Transit

Night Patrols

Crowd Control

Alarm Response

Corporate Security




Our Strengths


We provide a quality service and only employ Exceptional Guards who adhere to our values.

Who believe in attention to detail, have a strong work ethic, are reliable and have great time management skills.


We evaluate our clients needs and only send guards who fulfil that need. 


Having worked in the Security Industry for a long time our Director sees the strengths and failings in from both an employer and employee point of view. This ensures that we have happy staff who feel valued and want to work to the best of their ability.


We provide our team with ongoing training and personal development to ensure they have the highest quality security training across all areas, from completing basic duties to managing the most complex multi-services sites.













Joe Ahu is the Director of Armour 5 security, a security

company that delivers quality security facilitation and administration.


Joe is a veteran of effective security practices gained

through “hands-on” experiences working with commercial properties

such as night clubs, retail outlets, banking institutions, shopping malls,

recreation/leisure centers and sporting events.


He has earned a solid reputation for applying security solutions that are practical, reasonable and effective because he knows that security measures must be relative to the asset protected. 

Joe’s proficiency in anticipating, recognising and appraising crime risk and safety hazards is demonstrated by his professionalism and adept manner, particularly in crowd control, body guarding and cash-in-transit situations.